The Entertainer

The Entertainer

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This piece was inspired by the reigning King of the Dancehall. 'The Entertainer' tackles the raw nature of our human existence. Regardless of what we've been able to accomplish with our lives, we're all human - flesh and bones. 

👉🏾 Augmented Reality Painting
👉🏾 Inspired By Dancehall Culture 🇯🇲
👉🏾 Beautiful Statement Piece
👉🏾 Limited Edition Prints

This augmented reality painting fuses art with culture and technology. Simply open your camera, scan the QR code and watch the art artwork leap off the canvas right in front of you! 🤩

Keep out of direct and consistent sunlight and this archival print will last for decades!

Limited edition prints available 🔥
Made in Jamaica 🇯🇲   |  FREE Delivery Available in Jamaica
Shipping Available in 
• The Caribbean 🌎
• America 🇺🇸
• Canada 🇨🇦
• The UK 🇬🇧