The colloquial term used in Jamaican Dancehall culture to represent the leader of a crew or community.

We are a Jamaican art brand focused on Dancehall Culture. All of our artworks are bold statement pieces created by local artists. For the Culture, we pledge to donate 25% of all our profits to the Jamaica National Children's Home. They recently lost everything in a fire and with your help we believe we can make a difference.


Dancehall is a raw, vibrant and textured form of Jamaican culture. Lively and expressive, Dancehall provides an outlet and acts as the voice of Jamaica's underprivileged inner city youths. Birthed from the culture, DON DADA is representative of Jamaican Dancehall. All of our artworks attempt to capture the culture as it is right now and frame it for posterity. 



There are two main motifs that unifies all of our pieces, these are the zinc and a pineapple crown. Zinc is ever-present in daily Jamaican life. We use it for housing, building fences, hand carts, stalls etc. Almost every lane in a Jamaican ghetto is made from a zinc fence. It's safe to say that zinc is the backdrop for Jamaican Dancehall. The pineapple crown, on the other hand, provides contrast to the zinc fence and offers an elevated status to all the artworks. We believe everyone in the dancehall is royalty, crowned Kings and Queens in our own right just enjoying life.




Knowing the struggle, we have made it our mission to give back to the culture. 25% of the profits made from every artwork sold will be donated to a local school or charity to reinvest directly into the lives of the children they are raising. Right now we are focused on helping the The Jamaica National Children's Home who was gutted by a fire on Aug. 9th 2019.



By shopping with us you are helping to move Jamaican Dancehall Culture forward by investing in its future. Our long term is to finance the targets listed below over the next 5 years - 10 years.

  • Donate  $1,000,000 to Jamaican Schools and Charities to go towards the health and education of our children.
  • Pay the tuition of 100 inner-city high school students for the full duration of their schooling.
  • Establish a tertiary level scholarship for students to attend university/college.




Being in our first year, it is imperative that we lay a sturdy foundation for the years to come. To do so we will need your help. Now that you know what our plans are, ask yourself if this is a journey you want to be on with us.





You don’t need to make a purchase to help us make a difference. By simply following, reposting and tagging our FB | IG | TWITTER @RealJamaicanDonDada or using #RealDonDada you can spread the word and make a difference in the lives of the future generations that will shape the culture.