About The Artist

Bonito Thompson

Bonito Thompson is a Jamaican digital artist that goes by the name Don Dada. He creates augmented reality experiences that fuses art with technology and Jamaican life. Heavily influenced by Dancehall culture, his work seeks to represent all aspects of Jamaican Pop Culture. This is evident in some key elements like - the sound systems, zink fences, dance moves and other iconic Dancehall imagery. 


  • In 2018 he held his first solo art show in partnership with Chilitos called Passionfruit. The collection was an abstract and exciting 6 piece display that explored human connections with a tropical vibe.
  • In 2019 Don Dada was born and in 2020 I was featured as Kingston Creative’s artist of the month for Reggae Dancehall month in February
  • 2021 Don Dada hosted the first-of-its-kind augmented reality art show spanning two location in Kingston Jamaica. The art show, ‘Paper Planes’ ran for a week and was covered by all the major media outlets in Jamaica. He also collaborated with Grammy winning artists such as Damian Marley and Common.