Although augmented reality fine art can be superimposed everywhere is still relatively new, it has a wide range of possibilities outside the pandemic. Artists and art organizations can reach a global audience of art lovers who might not be able to visit big galleries or museums.

Artists producing site-specific AR or VR works can add different but complementary AR experiences for users anywhere, without detracting from the original work. And, unlike site-specific AR art, users can become co-curators of the art by superimposing it against any backdrop.

The ability to create experiences makes this augmented reality art a great outlet for brands to get their messages out there.

Each artwork has its own QR code. This code, in 3 simple steps, makes viewing the digital piece in the real world as easy as can be. 

The app for the Don Dada show is called ‘Spark AR’ and was developed by a unit of Facebook.

Explaining the concept, Thompson said: “This was a series of art shows that blends the physical world with an artistic and immersive digital experience.

“Through the use of cutting edge augmented reality technology, viewers were treated to an immersive art show where the paintings seem to leap off the canvas and into a 3D space right in front of you.”


Step 1 – Open your camera and scan the artwork 

Step 2 – You will receive a notification that will launch the artwork as a filter on instagram after you grant permission. 

This is important – make sure you’re using the back facing camera when the app launches

Step 3 – Scan the artwork a 2nd time and experience it leap off the canvas right infront of you. 

If the QR code or filter doesnt load perfectly on the first go, try moving closer or tap to focus and that should do the trick. 



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